Hot tub, swimspa, swimming pool, endless pool?

Just to clarify – a hot tub or spa is just that – an area of water heated to your choice of temperature (usually around 38 – 40 deg C) with seats and a variety of massage jets – used for relaxation and to ease aching muscles and joints.

We are all familiar with a swimming pool and in a garden it takes up a lot of room, uses a lot of water and takes a lot of heating – a smaller and cheaper (to buy, install & run) alternative is a swimspa (also sometimes called an endless pool) which vary from 4 metres to around 7 metres in length; just over 2 metres wide and with a choice of depth.  They are equipped with adjustable jets which provide a current for you to swim against (hence ‘endless pool’) and some of them (eg the Fitness range) have extras which help you to keep fit in the water.

A single zone swimspa is a single body of water whereas the dual zone models combine a swim zone with a hot tub (spa) area with independent controls.