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Use a Salt Generator instead of adding chlorine / bromine etc to your spa

BLU FUSION is cutting edge technology in spa/hot tub and swim spa water treatment. The latest in the long-standing Genesis product line, it provides a continually clean, inviting, and always-safe recreational water environment for you and your family.

When Sodium Bromide comes in contact with the system electrode it’s converted from Sodium Bromide (salt) into low levels of pure free Bromine through electrolysis.

  • With BLU FUSION, there are no unpleasant chemical odours, dry skin or itching! And your spa or swim spa will be 100% chlorine free
  • BLU FUSION is easy to use, simple to set-up, and ensures that you will have a clean spa. It installs in-line on most any new or existing hot tub or swim spa
  • BLU FUSION reduces your chemical impact on the environment while saving you thousands of gallons of water, time and money

Please note, if you have a dual zone swimspa, you will need two salt systems.

You can experience the salt option if you book a wet test with us – get in touch to arrange.

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