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Energy Swimspa with Deep Option

The Energy Swimspa from Passion Spas

The Energy Swim Spa, fully featured with a long swim lane and over 100 jets, is an impressive addition to the Passion Spas Fitness Collection. In addition to Current Lift Technology™, which is an invention of Passion Spas to keep the swimmer prone on the water surface, there is Aqua Rolling Massage™, Intense Therapy Zone™, Therapy Wave Zone™, and Waterfall Massage™.

All swimspas in the Fitness Collection include

  • Resistant Cords – used for curls, tricep extensions, chest presses, shoulder pulls, and back pulls. These upper-body exercises are specifically designed to build strength and lumbar core stability.
  • Swim-Assist Tether System – besides swimming against the unique River Swim System with use of the Current-Lift Technology, you can use the Swim-Assist Tether training system to add dimension to your range of the swimming options. The Swim-Assist Tether training system will keep you centred in the Swim Spa, allowing you to swim or walk at any speed with minimal friction on joints. This will increase the rate at which you burn calories and strengthen your muscles.

  • Rowing Exercise – this consists of an Aquagym seat which you use to do your workout on the Aqua Rowing Machine. A combination of stainless steel oars and rubber bands attach to swivel anchors (see photos) allowing you to do the full rowing motion. This is an excellent upper-body and abdominal workout.

The Energy also includes our innovative Levitation Bed, a top-to-toe full-body massage feature that creates a deeply relaxing floating sensation. Furthermore, with two seats and one lounger, there’s plenty of room to share. The Energy is a dual zone swimspa so each zone has separate temperature control. This allows you to stay cool during your workout and then soothe your tired muscles in the hot water of the spa.

• Dimensions Standard: 720 x 228 x 128 cm (152 deep option)
• Number of Seats: 2
• Number of loungers: 2
• Total Massage Jets: 104
• Turbo Swimjets: 5
• Floor Swimjets: 2
• Skimmer Bar
• Aqua Rolling Massage™
• Therapy Wave Zone
• Intense Therapy Zone
• Waterfall Massage
• Levitation Bed
• Starbrite Interior LED light System
• Wi-Fi Ready• Hybrid Heating™
• Bio-Lok
• Synergy Water Maintenance System
• Energy Efficient Filtration Pump
• Capacity Standard: 14000 liter
• Dry Weight Standard: 1650 kg
• Current-Lift Technology™
• Adjustable River Swim System

Energy Swimspa spec (download the PDF)

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