Spirit Swim Spa


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Spirit Swim spa with Deep Option

The Spirit Swim Spa combines our innovative Current Lift Technology™with a generous line-up of unique massage therapy options: the Aqua Rolling Massage™, the Intense Therapy Zone™, the Therapy Wave Zone™, and the Waterfall Massage™.  Passion Spas is the only Swim Spa manufacturer in the world to offer Current-Lift Technology™, enabling the swimmer to remain prone on the water surface at any degree of current intensity.

The Spirit is dual zone, so divided into separate swim and spa sections, and you can vary the temperature between the two. This configuration allows you to enjoy a cool, comfortable workout followed by a warm, soothing soak. The Spirit’s Dual Zone heating system gives you the best of both worlds – swimming and relaxing – in a single swim spa.

• Dimensions Standard: 540 x 228 x 128 cm (152 cm deep option)
• Number of Seats: 2
• Number of loungers: 1
• Total Massage Jets: 60
• Turbo Swimjets: 5
• Floor Swimjets: 2
• Skimmer Bar
• Aqua Rolling Massage™
• Therapy Wave Zone
• Intense Therapy Zone
• Waterfall Massage
• Starbrite Interior LEDlight System
• Wi-Fi Ready• Hybrid Heating™
• Bio-Lok
• Synergy Water Maintenance System
• Energy Efficient Filtration Pump
• Capacity Standard: 12000 liter
• Dry Weight Standard: 1550 kg
• Current-Lift Technology™
• Adjustable River Swim System

More information in Spirit Swim Spa (pdf)

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